Why Healthcare Content Marketing Is Important (7 Tips)

Healthcare content marketing

We live in a highly connected, consumer-driven world, and our healthcare system must evolve to keep pace. Individuals seeking healthcare information now have access to more resources and care options than ever before. 

That is perhaps why 70% of respondents from a survey conducted by PatientPop said that a good online reputation is a critical factor they consider when selecting a healthcare provider or expert to count on. Therefore you have to step up your healthcare content marketing strategy.

Many clinics, healthcare providers, and practitioners are ideal fits for content marketing. It’s a way of communicating with people and providing them with relevant and interesting information. 

It serves as a marketing tool for patient engagement, retention, branding, and professional reputation development, among other things.

Not only is healthcare content marketing critical for establishing trust, generating leads, and fostering client loyalty, but it has also become the new normal on the consumer side.

It contributes to the evolution of what consumers anticipate from any healthcare business or practitioner they engage with.

Indeed, three out of five respondents to a Doctor.com study said that they would choose a healthcare provider based on their physician’s online presence. So ignoring healthcare content marketing is much more dangerous than investing in it.

Whether you work for a healthcare provider that provides direct care to patients, a supplier of medical equipment to hospitals, a developer of healthcare technology, or anything in between, you must prioritize improving your online presence in order to reach your target audience.

What is content marketing in healthcare?

Content marketing for healthcare is a kind of digital marketing approach. Through online, healthcare content marketing enables hospitals and healthcare providers to reach and educate their patients. 

Healthcare content marketing is beneficial since it increases brand recognition and engagement, as well as patient retention.

The healthcare industry has taken longer to embrace content marketing. However, during the last two years, usage of content marketing has grown by more than 25%, indicating that healthcare is prepared for content marketing.

If you’re considering utilizing healthcare content to attract patients, you’re making a wise choice.

The fact that medical content marketing has had a sluggish rate of adoption also works in your favour. Beginning your content marketing plan today may help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Here are seven tips for effective healthcare content marketing.

1. Gain an understanding of your intended audience.

It’s very important to remain inside your audience’s comfort zone. For instance, if your company manufactures medical equipment for dentist clinics, you are unlikely to interact with patients. You’re more than likely to talk with dental experts and their employees.

Consider who you’re trying to reach with your content and ensure that the subject matter you cover and the tone you use to match with that specified target demographic. 

Additionally, avoid jargon and speak in plain English that your audience will comprehend and connect with.

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2. Concentrate only on your area of expertise.

To establish credibility as a healthcare expert, you must first be an expert in the subject matter you’re writing about and sharing online. 

For example, you would not seek treatment from a paediatrician if you had a broken arm. When people seek information online, they adopt the same mindset. They anticipate reading views from those with personal experience and extensive expertise. 

Therefore, whether writing articles, making blog entries, or sharing videos and posts on social media, ensure that they are relevant to your healthcare specialization.

3. Share personal experiences about actual individuals

Nothing is much more inspirational than reading stories of individuals who have overcome adversity and triumphed against the odds. 

Sharing stories of your customers or patients is an excellent method to inspire and motivate your target audience and it’s an excellent way to demonstrate how your healthcare business or practice went above and beyond to offer outstanding care for real people. 

Patient Stories at New York-Presbyterian Hospital is an excellent example of a healthcare institution putting a focus on its patients’ accomplishments. 

Simply get express written permission from the individuals whose stories you’re sharing and fact-check all information to ensure your publication is true.

4. Be a human, it’s necessary

Human interactions online are an excellent method for healthcare businesses or practices to engage with your consumers and patients. 

Indeed, whenever a patient feels linked to a physician or nurse, they are more than twice likely to remain loyal to that physician or nurse. 

Maintain a consistent social media presence. Share physician videos. In the comments area, engage with your audience. 

However, ensure that you have a policy in place that establishes clear expectations for a response. For instance, whoever moderates comments could inform users that they should dial 911 in the event of a medical emergency. 

Additionally, have written procedures in place that outline how to address complaints compassionately, how to escalate issues to management or other members of the team, and how to ensure that all content conforms with HIPAA.

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5. Make interaction a priority.

Interactivity is fundamental to engagement. While publishing articles, blog posts, and videos is an excellent method to educate and engage your audience, interactive media takes it to the next level. 

UnitedHealthcare employs this healthcare marketing strategy by producing quizzes to urge their audience members to live healthier lifestyles and to become more engaged with UnitedHealthcare’s services.

6. Construct an inbound funnel that includes gated content.

While blog posts, guest articles, videos, and social network postings are all excellent methods to reach your audience with useful information, it may be difficult to determine who is seeing those content and to engage them in cooperation, that is where the content funnel enters the picture. 

Create gated resources for your website, such as a whitepaper, and require visitors to provide their contact information in order to receive it. 

Mercy’s “Baby-on-the-Way Guide” is an excellent example of gated content in which users’ contact information is exchanged for the useful and helpful content. 

Once you’ve published the gated content on your healthcare website, you can begin driving your audience to it by including a link to the landing page in other content you produce.

7. Ensure that you are HIPAA compliant.

While engaging your audience is vital, protecting their information is even more vital. If you want to emphasize the experiences of your customers or patients, get their permission in advance. 

Remove all their info when generating other kinds of content — including their name, address, record numbers, photos, physical and mental health details, and payment details. 

Additionally, to comply with HIPAA regulations, refrain from providing medical advice or participating in conversations about diagnosis or treatment on social media, and ensure that the subject matter you share does not breach the law’s limitations. 

General health advice, wellness recommendations, how-to guides, customer or patient stories (I’ll repeat it again: with express permission), and the newest advancements in healthcare are all topics that lend themselves nicely to HIPAA compliance you should be discussing.

Healthcare is no exception to the consumer-centric, digital-first society we live in. To engage with your target audience and build a reputation as a genuine, trustworthy, and informed healthcare expert, use these content marketing strategies.

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