4 Reasons To Go For WordPress Premium Themes

WordPress Premium Themes

To begin, let me state that free themes are not always bad. See the step by step to build your medical website yourself.

The WordPress theme directory has a large number of excellent free themes.

However, the majority of issues are resolved via software upgrades. Most theme authors provide a free basic version to theme directories and then charge for the “pro” version.

I would suggest that rather than spending time on technical know-how and attempting to solve issues caused by WordPress upgrades, you go for WordPress Premium Themes and concentrate on creating high-quality content.

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Here are several reasons to switch from a free theme to a premium theme.

1. Assistance and updates

WordPress is continuously upgrading its technology, and every few months, the platform receives a significant upgrade.

Your themes (and plugins) must be functional with WordPress’s most recent version.

When you use paid themes, it is the theme authors duty to provide an updated and compatible version of the theme.

However, since free theme developers work on their theme as a side project, you may have to wait months for an update.

All paid theme developers provide free support, while no help is provided with free themes.

Additionally, you can choose a paid theme framework such as Themeisle, They have the best medical WordPress themes in the market.

This is not often the case with free WordPress Premium Themes.

2. SEO 

WordPress themes are critical for your site’s overall SEO.

There are many structural flaws with free themes, and almost none of them provide any built-in SEO features.

It’s critical, in particular, to create a site that is not just searching engine optimized but also has clean code for quicker loading.

Themeisle themes, for example, provide lightning-fast loading times WordPress Premium Themes, but they are not free.

In addition to quicker loading times, choosing a premium theme helps you reduce the number of resource-hogging plugins.

3. Features

WordPress Premium Themes creation is a competitive industry. To succeed, theme creators must provide cutting-edge functionality and seamless web connectivity.

The free themes come with a restricted set of functionality. 

The majority of developers are hesitant to update their free themes with anything too spectacular.

If you want to view a certain feature in a free theme, you’ll need to either locate a plugin or switch to another theme.

4. Links that are encrypted

This is the single most irritating aspect of free WordPress themes.

The majority of free theme developers encrypt their footer links and resell them.

This has a detrimental effect on your blog’s overall SEO. 

Such encrypted links are considered spammy by Google after the Penguin update. 

While outbound links can offer some SEO benefits, they should be avoided at all costs.

Free vs. Paid Themes

If you don’t have $59 to spend on a high-quality premium theme like theme isle, opting for a free theme is a no-brainer.

However, if your site gains traction, I strongly encourage you to upgrade to a premium theme(though it might cost you a lot more money since some issues will be updated). It is better to go with WordPress Premium Themes from start.

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