5 Proven Healthcare Marketing Ideas For Hospitals And Private Practices

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According to current figures, there are 33,303 general hospitals, 20,278 primary health centres and posts, and 59 teaching hospitals and federal medical centres in Nigeria.

In addition, the number of hospitals in various parts of the world is rising year after year. This means you need to make yours stand out – and one of the easiest ways to do that is by digital healthcare marketing.

Online marketing for healthcare organisations will help raise awareness of your clinic or practice, drive traffic to your website, and attract more patients to you.

Continue reading to learn more about healthcare promotion and the most effective and best healthcare marketing ideas and methods for healthcare companies, organizations and practitioners today.

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What is healthcare marketing?

Healthcare marketing is the practice of promoting healthcare services and attracting new customers through the use of offline and online marketing strategies. Marketing campaigns for healthcare companies will vary from billboards, social media to search engine optimization (SEO).

What exactly is digital healthcare marketing?

Digital healthcare marketing is the use of internet platforms such as Google, email, and social media to market a healthcare service provider to its target audience.

Online marketing is comprised of various tactics that all function together to get the best outcomes for your hospital marketing.

Many digital marketing techniques for healthcare organizations aim to drive traffic to your website, while others enable you to build relationships with current and prospective patients. 

Though you can choose whichever platforms and approaches better match your objectives, combined efforts would yield the best results.

4 tried-and-tested healthcare marketing concepts

Below are some of the most popular healthcare marketing strategies for hospitals, providers, private practices, and some others:

1. Search engine optimization:

healthcare marketing- healthcare marketing seo

SEO (search engine optimization) is the foundation of any effective healthcare marketing strategy. That’s just because SEO will help you boost your rankings in search engines like Google, and hence your web popularity. This enables you to draw more prospective patients to your website.

There are several factors influencing how you perform on a Search engine, which is why SEO requires several measures such as on-page optimization, link building, and publishing unique content. 

When your hospital’s website is optimized for keywords that your target customers are searching for, it has a better chance of ranking high for keywords specific to your services.

For example, if your hospital is known for being the only hospital in your town that offers comprehensive guest services for loved ones, use the keyword “comprehensive guest services” as a keyword. 

This ensures that your hospital can feature in search results as users search for that standard in a hospital.

Backlinks from reputable, well-known blogs, optimized title tags, and image optimization, among many other aspects, can help your hospital score high in search engine results.

2. Pay-Per-Click

PPC, or pay-per-click, advertisement is a common online advertising model that makes for an extremely cost-effective healthcare marketing campaign for targeting prospective patients.

You should have a signup page on your hospital’s website to appear in search results with the very same keywords and phrases that new patients are searching for.

PPC advertisements operate on a bidding scheme, which allows you to pre-determine how much you can pay the advertising platform each time your ad is clicked. 

You’ll only ever pay for the ad after a customer clicks on it, making this tactic incredibly cost-effective – and preventing you from wasting money on customers who aren’t interested in knowing about your hospital.

healthcare marketing- healthcare marketing ppc

3. Marketing via social media

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to exchange updates and engage with current and prospective patients.

When you use social media to advertise your hospital, you can post valuable links to industry news, links to your hospital’s site, photos of your facilities, and other information.

Unlike conventional advertisements, social media marketing helps you to personally communicate with people. Instead of a one-way marketing post, you should respond to users’ questions and complaints.

4. Email marketing

Email marketing is an add-on to your website that encourages users to submit their email addresses in order to receive your hospital’s newsletter. You may also provide them with something in return for signing up, such as a health guide or other helpful material.

So you’ll be able to communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis. Your newsletters will contain everything from seasonal wellness advice to hospital alerts and event notices.

Whatever your emails include, they will continue to keep your hospital at the forefront of patients’ minds and when they need your services.

5. Make your processes more automated.

When a patient gets admitted to a hospital, they are still under the burden. Use a dependable Hospital Information System(HIS) to make their experience clear and convenient. 

This would make a huge difference in the patient experience, from admission to discharge. 

Another source of frustration for patients is the way hospitals handle health care lawsuits and settlements. Using a solid revenue cycle management (RCM) approach will help to alleviate the stress associated with hospital insurance claims management.

Using digital healthcare marketing services, you can attract more customers.

DeskProof understands how dynamic the healthcare sector is and how important each patient is, which is why we develop customized digital healthcare marketing strategies for our clients.

Our staff has the expertise and resources to assist your hospital in attracting visitors to your website and patients to your area or office. 

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