We help you set up your blog the right way for free so that you have the best tool to grow your blog and focus on what matters. We always level the playground for beginners.

Everything You Need to Start a Successful Blog

We have helped over 100s people get started with WordPress. Below is everything that you get with our free WordPress blog setup service.

We install self-hosted WordPress software with proper configurations

Optimized SEO

We help you optimize your site for SEO, so you can rank higher.


We add security plugins to help protect your site from hackers and enemies


We work with you to pick the best WordPress theme for your builtiful blog!

Faster Website

We add caching solutions to make sure that your website is blazing fast and amazing.


We will be here 24/7 waiting to answer your questions

Why Offering All This Free?

We always get this questions. Below is why DeskProofoffer free blog setups.
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The majority of blogs don’t survive after few months of starting out. This mostly because they fail to reach the blogger’s expectations and goals.

Having failed quite a number of times and spending countless hours researching and experimenting, I learned that solving the issue always comes down to a solid setup in the first place.

This is the reason why you see expert bloggers starting one successful blog after another. They have understood and figured out the right set of tools they need to increase conversion, get a lot of traffic from SEO, increase engagement through social media while making money from their passion.

Don’t let technical barriers stop you from starting your favorite blog. Let our team build the blog for you … absolutely free of charge, so you can focus on doing what you love.

Our Free Blog Setup is a Two Step Process

Follow the steps below to complete your free WordPress blog setup application. Setups are completed in the order they are received.

1. Domain + Web Hosting

Every website needs a domain and web hosting. A domain is your website’s address on the internet (i.e Web hosting is where your website lives on the internet. It’s where your files, images, and articles are stored.

You need to have both of these to start a blog.
In order for us to keep our business model sustainable and provide you with this excellent service, we require users to signup with our partner web hosts. These companies are hand-picked by our experts and they are known to offer top-notch service.

This way you get quality web hosting, which you were going to pay for anyway. At no additional cost to you, we receive a small commission from our partner web hosting companies for referring a new client. You actually end up getting significant discounts because each of these companies offers special deals to our readers.

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN, all the way around.

To get started, simply click on the button below signup with our recommended web hosting provider.

Note: Please DO NOT use any external link or coupons. If you use any external link or coupon that is not attached here, you will not qualify for our free blog setup service(only sign up through the button). And also your purchased hosting contract should not be less than one year.

2. Submit the Form Below

Once you have signed up for web hosting using the link above, go ahead and fill out the form below, so our team can start working on your blog.

Please make sure all the information is filled in the form are correct to avoid delay.