12 Unique Dental Marketing Strategy Your Dental Practice Need

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Like in every business there is a need to lay down the process to achieve a good goal, so is applicable to you as a dentist to decide, come up and develop a unique dental marketing strategy for your dental practice.

Every dentist practitioner or clinic needs up to 20 new patients every month to grow and be successful in the dental health business. 

20 patients a month sounds impossible if you only rely on traditional dental marketing strategies. It’s the right time to adopt online marketing. Pew Research reported that 77% of consumers and patients turn immediately to an online search engine researching and looking for dentists and dental treatments to solve their healthcare queries.

Just give me five minutes then I can get names, numbers, rankings, rewards, and reviews about a plethora of dental clinics, hospitals, healthcare centres all over the world.

To make your Dental facility visible, and easily available to patients, then, plan your strategies the right way. 

Why do dental practices need a unique marketing strategy?

You might be ok with the success you have achieved so far practising your dental profession. However, having a unique marketing strategy is the only way you’ll continue to enjoy this kind of success over the long term, and well-implemented marketing ideas for dentists can be very profitable. The benefits of marketing your dental practice include the following:

Greater Awareness For Your Dental Practice

Even if you’ve been in the dental practices game, you still need to introduce yourself to your target markets. New people always relocate to your(an) area, and lifelong residents may be searching for a new dentist around. Having an ongoing unique marketing strategy ensures your dental practice comes to mind when people think of local dentists around.

A Competitive Edge Over Competitors

If you’re not doing something unique and different from your competitors, you’re missing the opportunity to inform prospective patients why they should book an appointment with you.

With a unique dental marketing strategy, you will boost your experience and unique capabilities and the prospective patients will be able to see why you are better than your competitors

Stronger Relationship With Your Patients

Welcoming new patients to your dental clinic is always the goal of every dentist or dental technologist, but also building a greater loyalty among current patients should not be overlooked.

When you market your dental practice with the right strategy, you build a strong and greater trust among your patients which will make them more likely to return for additional services (or products) when they need it and also recommend your service to family and friends.

If you haven’t already employed digital marketing in your dental practice, Now is the time to do so. This is not difficult at all. You can implement Any(many) of these tips on your own. But, if you don’t have the time or staff to do this yourself, consider outsourcing your dental digital marketing activities to an agency like DeskProof— Contact Us Here.

It’s better to have a strategy in place now. Here are the top 100 Unique dental marketing strategies and  ideas that you need to focus on immediately to attract patients to your practice:

1: Build a high quality website for your dental practice with your patients in mind

Like any other investment plan— car, land, building, investing in your website is also very important. Well, Your website is usually your practice’s first point of interaction with patients,  it’s just like your building’s exterior, and patients will definitely judge you based on how your website looks and functions. 71 per cent of millennials also need to be able to book their services online and prefer receiving digital reminders.

So your practice’s website needs to be easy to navigate while at the same time communicate the most relevant information about your services(or dental products). The content on your website needs to be easy to understand by potential patients of all levels. They don’t need your dental jargon hahaha.

More than 90% of web users judge a business based on its website design, and about  38% of people will leave a website if its design is unattractive, difficult to navigate, not responsive, and slow. So don’t let your visitors get frustrated and move on to your competitor.

You can build a website yourself with help of CSM platforms in the market. But if you are serious about it go ahead and hire a Website Design Agency to help you with this task. Your website is important, don’t overlook it.

2: Create a dental blog with helpful oral care information

Building and optimising your high-quality website is just a step. You also need to start creating a dental blog.

As a dentist, you should have an abundance of knowledge about oral care. 

There are millions of people searching for information about oral care. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to write about different topics and share valuable information with your audience.

Writing every week or so on a topic relevant to your target market. This not only helps you build authority and trust but also helps your website rank on the search engine results page for those keywords potential patients are using to find relevant information.

There are few things you should remember:

Always make correct assumptions when writing your dental blog on any topic and advise patients of the need to go for regular check-ups.

Always discourse trending topics on what people are searching for, dental health challenges people are facing, and any pros and cons of the topic trending.

Use your blog to connect with potential and existing patients, answer commonly asked questions and position yourself as a dental expert.

3: Boost your dental website’s search engine rankings with Hyper-targeted SEO

Developing a well SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is very essential for all healthcare businesses. Surely SEO is very much alive and it is very important in dental businesses.  90% of consumers turn to search engines when they’re looking for a solution for their healthcare issues,   75% of people never go past the first page of the search engine results and about 83% go through a dental online website before booking a visit.

The local and organic search results are the two places you really need to optimize and rank well. This is an important aspect of online dental marketing which you should take seriously.

For example,  if people can’t find your practice on Google, who is going to know you exist? 

A well-written, SEO-friendly website is always the key, high-quality backlinks to your website from external websites are a goto, active social media presence really helps to get your website noticed.

There is no real, easy way to market your website and get it seen, at least not anymore (believe me when I say it). Google has many tricks set up to make sure you get punished for spamming your website links all over the internet, and this, in turn, gives an opportunity for many businesses to leverage digital marketing effectively, including Dental businesses.

Of course, there are other regular ways of marketing yourself, through paid campaigns, but the real backbone of marketing your website and getting seen is SEO and having a regularly updated website.

When optimizing your website SEO, Your website must:

  • Load within five seconds
  • Be mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Use images that are sized correctly with completed alt-tags
  • Be a secure site (HTTPS and not HTTP)
  • Include your dental references on every web page
  • Offer quality content on each web page
  • Link to authoritative websites as well as include internal links to other content on your website
  • Connect to your social media channels

If you are a busy dental practitioner, you can hire an SEO agency to help you with this task. Don’t ignore your website SEO and changing of search engine algorithm updates. If you don’t do the basics, your website will never be found.

4: Utilize PPC and display ads on your unique dental marketing strategies

Pay-per-click advertisements are laser-targeted to appear first for a set of search terms. But before you go for PPC, you need to have a clear idea of Return on Investment on the set budget for these kinds of advertisements.

Here is a little explanation of how PPC advertising works:

  • Choose relevant keywords that you want your PPC ads to rank for
  • Create a PPC ad using the keywords
  • Users search for your keywords or related keywords
  • Your PPC ad is displayed on top of the SERP
  • When someone clicks on your ad, you pay a certain amount of money to Google
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Facebook Ads work in a similar manner. Instead of users searching for keywords, Facebook displays ads to your target audience within their newsfeed using demographic and behavioural information they have shared which you selected.

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Though you can use PPC ads for any campaign, they are great for advertising special offers or discounts, which is often one of the biggest pain points of potential patients. 

If you decide to use PPC ads, We advise you to get the advice of a digital marketing agency that has experience with PPC strategy and management If you don’t have the expertise or time.

5: Utilise Video Marketing for your dental practice

Approximately 40% of potential patients called to schedule a dental appointment after watching a video on a topic that was relevant to them. So if you haven’t gotten on the video train, you need to add it to your unique dental marketing arsenal fast.

With platforms like YouTube becoming even more popular, you can gain traction by creating videos for your business. A video is 50 times more likely to rank organically in the search results than text pages, and it accounts for 85 per cent of online traffic in the US.

To improve your dental healthcare marketing conversion, you need to create impressive videos featuring your technology, expertise, and services.

Below are dental video ideas you can leverage:

  1. Introductory or welcome videos
  2. Answer common patient questions about your practice and procedures
  3. Give a tour of your office, staff, and environments.
  4. Share client testimonials
  5. Explain procedures, like fillings or root canals
  6. Address dental health topics
  7. Invite fellow expert for a debate or discussion

Investing in video marketing is one of the top dental marketing ideas for helping dental practices reach and engage patients.

 6: Patient Reviews about your dental practice

Nowadays people believe and trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and are becoming the first step in finding a new doctor. You may not know it, but reviews play a crucial role in determining whether potential patients choose your business. So don’t overlook online reviews and respond.

You should always thank people for positive reviews and handle issues in negative reviews in a professional manner. A negative review is certain and people expect to see it to know how you approach and respond to the negative reviews. You can do this yourself or invest in review management to make sure you’re building your brand positively.

Below are places that might be of interest for reviews:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Dental directories
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7: Emergency Keywords for dentist

keywords like “emergency” or “urgent” is an easy way to get clients with immediate needs and high intent. So go bid on it!… imagine the return on investment for those keywords! But before you start bidding on those keywords, make sure that your clinic can take care of emergency cases or else be ready for a bad review! (which you won’t like)

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8: Be active on social media with engaging photos and posts

One of the best ways for you to connect with your audience effectively is through social media. Therefore if your goal is to build a better relationship with current and future patients, then invest in social media marketing.

More than 3.5 billion active users are on social media platforms and about 54% of these people use social media to research for service before making a decision. This makes employing social media marketing a good dental marketing idea.

To get started with social media marketing, you must select your platform of interest—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Choose platforms where your audience frequently engages and spends their time.

Once you have decided on the platform of your interest, you can start posting unique, relevant, point, and engaging content to engage and interest your audience. 

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9: List Your Practice in Relevant Dental Directories

According to Pew Research, 77% of healthcare consumers always use search engines to find a dentist, and about 25% prefer to use their state dental society or dental board. To reach that 25%, you have to make sure that you and your dental practice are included in directories such as below:

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Please don’t give your website visitors a negative impression of your practice, always make sure your listing is complete and contains up-to-date information about your education, certifications, awards, services offered, practice locations, hours, and a link to schedule an appointment. 

10: Claim and Optimize Your Dental Google My Business (GMB) Page 

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One of the best dental marketing ideas for your business is to claim your Google My Business account.  People are always conducting local searches to find a dentist in their area, therefore you should get your practice to appear in front of them when they query the search engine.

To get the full benefit of Google My Business,  you’ll need to optimize your page by filling out each section with adequate and correct information, to enable your Google My Business page to be automatically synced into Google’s Local Map Pack, so that your dental practice will be shown to customers relevant and near to you.

Ensure that your Google My Business listing is always up to date and accurate. Don’t provide your audience with information that is no longer true.

If you’re interested in marketing your dental practice in a way that lets you connect with local leads, Google My Business is the answer. Go claim your Google My Business local listing now and drive more traffic to your dental practice.

11. Optimize Your Content for Digital Assistants

Google states that about 20% of all web searches are voice searches. If you can be able to optimize your dental website for voice search, you will generate extra organic traffic to your website.

You can do this by tweaking your SEO strategy and make sure it caters to voice searches. For example, instead of just using the keyword, “Dentists in Abuja,” you can focus on the long-tail keyword “Who is the best dentist in Abuja?”

12: Make use of Use email marketing

Many dentists make use of email to share billing invoices, send appointment reminders, and other essential information. It’s a great way to stay connected with patients directly.

But that’s not all you can do with email marketing. With email marketing send healthcare tips, updates, or changes with your practice, special offers, and an affiliate, which is an excellent dental marketing idea when you’re looking to build brand loyalty among patients and making through your dental affiliate products.

Whenever you send out content to your subscriber you must make sure you personalize the content for your audience and make it unique to the patient. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to advertise your practice to your subscribers, as well as build your brand recognition for your dental practice, but don’t abuse it.

Need help on how to go with your dental marketing?

Most times marketing ideas don’t come to you very often, especially When you’re a busy dentist. It might also cost a very much time-very long one for you to implement these strategies and ideas on your own. Rather than worrying about how you’re going to market your dental practice or business, let More Healthcare Leads take the pressure and burden off you!– Contact Us

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