The 6 Proven Dental Lead Generation To Attract More Patients

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Generating quality leads online is the real issue facing every dental professional or business today, but fortunately, the age of digital marketing enables you to identify and focus your dental lead generation on the potential patients (customers) online and present to them the right and relevant messages that will make them knocking at your door. 

To be unique in your online dental marketing you have to give your dental lead-generating strategy a personalized touch. And a very effective way to do this is by investing in high-quality content and attracting the attention of readers to your dental website and creating more brand awareness.

With the help of DeskProof Dental Lead Generation Service, new and old patients will continue coming asking for your service. 

What is Dental Lead Generation?

Dental lead generation in its most simple form is marketing and advertising strategies (both online and offline) dentists employ to attract potential patients,  turn them into a lead by collecting their information(usually their name, email, or phone number), and then nurture them to become a patient or ready to buy your dental service or product.

A typical example of a dental lead is someone taking an action(filling a form)that shows their interest in your dental practice and gives you the chance to interact with them one-on-one.

How does Dental lead generation work?

For your dental lead generation to work, you have to offer something of value in exchange for your website or page visitor’s information. This Something of value you will offer them is called Lead Magnet.

For example, you might give away free toothbrushes (lead magnets) in exchange for their name and phone number or a comprehensive e-book about keeping healthy teeth techniques in exchange for lead information.

Sure, below are few valuable things you might decide to offer your potential patients.:

  1. A free consultation
  2. A limited-time promotion on specific product or services(like teeth whitening)
  3. A downloadable resource, like a guide on keeping your child’s teeth healthy.
  4. A giveaway, like for an electric toothbrush or a year’s supply of toothpaste
  5. A referral bonus for current patients

After choosing any(all) of the preferred lead magnets above then you can promote your practice’s offers via paid ads, posts on social media, your website, your blog, and more.

Depending on the dental lead generation strategy you choose, it might take a longer or shorter time to start seeing leads flowing in.

Why is Dental lead generation very effective?

Yes, dental lead generation is effective:

First, more than 72% of millennials research their options online before making their decision. Like everyone else, you have to do your best to convince them about your dental products product, or service.

After you manage to attract a visitor to your website you initiate the dental lead generation process to turn them into a lead. And if you serve them to the best of your ability, they will become a delighted customer.

Second, any dental practice that really wants to succeed needs a way to attract new patients every month.  If it’s true then, you don’t want to miss the chances of getting a new person moving to a new area rely on Google (like everyone does) to find their next dentist.

Furthermore,  many people spend a significant amount of time researching on different channels to determine a dentist’s worth seeing. If you are not there to give them a reason to check your worth, it becomes a missed opportunity.

Investing in dental lead generation helps you place yourself in an excellent position.

Now having known what dental lead generation is, below are the 6 Proven Dental Lead Generation To Attract More Patients:

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) for a dentist

In a survey of nearly 500 SEO experts, 75% of respondents asserted that SEO will gain in importance in 2020 and beyond. Dental health is not different and that is why Search engine optimization is a very important marketing tactic for dental professionals that really mean business. 

People looking for dental services always turn to search engines like Google, Bing, etc, to look for and locate dentists near them. Therefore if you really want to reach those people searching for your likes, you must show up in the search engine results for searches like “dentist in [your city].”

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To help search engines understand the contents on your website and display your pages in results for relevant searches you must make sure you optimize SEO and also build links from other reputable sites.

2. Content marketing for dentist

Content marketing for dentists is all about articles, blog posts, videos, and other media that you provide to your website as a dental expert. You should make this content to be educational and provide value to the audience rather than promotional.  

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Dental content marketing is a proven strategy that can improve your search engine rankings and attract more visitors to your website, where they can be willing to go for your dental services or products.

3. Email marketing for dentist

If you are not using email marketing as one of your marketing arsenals, well start it now. You need email marketing to build trust with your patients. And once your patients believe in you they will keep on coming back.

To do this, with a well-crafted email marketing message always nurture your leads and remind them that their smiles are important and they are the reason why you are there. 

While doing this, always include information about any new services or any equipment you’ve added to your practice, as well as any valuable and useful dental care tips and care for them.

With this approach, they will always be eager to receive your next email and remember their next approach.

4. Social media for a dentist

To be successful in your dental marketing you need to meet your patients where they are, this makes social media for dentists a must–Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc to help you attract more dental leads through advertising, hosting contests, interacting with users or good customer care.

A screenshot of a dental social media ad

5. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) for a dentist

CRO is all about testing multiple versions of different elements on your site (like buttons, forms, and calls to action) to determine which is the most effective in converting your visitors. And then implement the best version.

As I explained in the “How does Dental lead generation work” section above, If you want your site’s visitors to become patients, you need to convert them into leads by asking for their email addresses, either in contact forms or email newsletters signups. 

6. Lead management for a dentist

The best way to manage your leads is to use lead management software like Hubspot, Zoho, Getresponse, etc. Immediately you start attracting new leads, you need lead management software for organizing and responding to them.

With that software, it becomes easy to keep track of each of your dental leads and their information so that you will be able to reach them whenever you want.

With lead management software you can be able analyzed your leads and know how they found your practice, whether through a search engine, social media ad, pay-per-click campaign, etc. 

Want to start generating leads for your dental practice now?

The Internet is already there as a valuable way for connecting with new patients. What you need now is a comprehensive lead generation strategy for your dental practice to grow.

If you’d like to start using online channels to generate more leads for your practice, More Healthcare Leads is ready to help you, contact us

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