Content Marketing And Healthcare: The Rules, Tips And Quirks

Content Marketing And Healthcare: The Rules, Tips And Quirks

It all boils down to trust and results in medicine, as it does in content. Before the common era, this was true. However, the growth of digital health information has thrown people’s perceptions of healthcare into disarray due to incomplete or misleading health infomation on the web.

Google processes over 1 billion health-related queries every day. This indicates that content marketing in healthcare is an important component of any successful healthcare marketing campaign.

Content is your voice in healthcare, especially when it comes to health information technology. It’s your brand’s identity, platform, and the driving force behind your marketing activities. Content is, in a nutshell, required.

However, content alone is insufficient. It must be done correctly for your content to have an effect.

The Weber Shandwick study of 1,700 people found that 52% believe today’s health-related information is either inaccurate or misleading.

This has become a heavy burden for Healthcare content marketers since they are striving to connect with people with the right and complete information.

While balancing pressing concerns like time, money, patient requirements, and compliance, you need to communicate value and position yourself as an authority in a unique way.

As a result, whatever content you provide, whether it addresses an issue or responds to a query, must be meaningful.

So, what can physicians, hospitals, insurers, and healthcare businesses do to enhance the quality of online healthcare content and close the gap between content marketing and healthcare?

That is the question this post aims to address.

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Content marketing’s 5 Basic Rules

1. Begin by considering your target audience. 

Concentrate your content on a certain audience or group of people you want to impact and engage over time. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s all about what they’re passionate about (not you).

2. Keep the human factor in mind. 

The presentation of content marketing information should be authoritative yet understandable. To personalize the meaning or implications of facts or technical information, use people-focused story-telling or conversational tones. 

3. It is self-defeating to promote yourself. 

Content marketing, in contrast to direct response advertising, emphasizes building relationships over taking quick action. 

Impartial content gives the reader or receiver a far stronger feeling of confidence and credibility. A credible and trustworthy voice is both unbiased and informative.

4. Time and effort are required to get the desired outcomes. 

Content marketing’s advantages emerge over time as the audience grows in size and acceptability. 

This may be utilized with conventional (and more immediate) advertising techniques, depending on the marketing objectives.

5. Start with as little as you can manage. 

Information marketing’s worth stems in part from its ability to provide a dependable, timely, and consistent resource with frequent updates and new content. 

Start with a little effort that you can sustain (and prospectively grow). A blog, for example, may gain credibility with time, but neglect (infrequent updates) makes it suspicious and untrustworthy.

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Healthcare’s three major peculiarities

Effective content marketing in healthcare is hampered by the complexity of content marketing and healthcare itself. You’ll need to do the following to defeat them:

  • To promote your hospital/clinic as a strategic partner, set high criteria for your content and fulfil them.
  • Maintain a substantial quantity of information and remain on top of fresh research throughout the course of a lengthy purchasing cycle – typically over a year.
  • Conduct extensive market research and data analysis before creating and promoting your healthcare content.
  • Understand the goals of your buyers, as well as the complex priorities of the buying group that those people belong to.

In the same manner, the way you create content for healthcare will change. You can’t use other industries’ processes as a template for your own. 

You must adjust to three major peculiarities of healthcare in your healthcare content marketing journey:

1. Compliance is a big issue in healthcare.

Compliance, privacy, and patient data are important issues in healthcare and healthcare IT. 

In both subjects and the development process, every healthcare content creator must be aware of data quality, source requirements, and security issues. 

Because patient confidentiality and compliance are so essential, the industry as a whole is understandably wary of any compliance red flags or deviations from industry norms.

2. Healthcare is tough to comprehend for people coming from other industries.

There’s a reason why industry experts need so much education and training. Healthcare, especially healthcare information technology, maybe daunting to beginners. 

It’s important not to be intimidated by the acronyms and jargon; with practice, you’ll be able to understand everything. At the same time, you must be aware of how healthcare practitioners utilize jargon in practice. 

Avoid using showy or technical acronyms that irritate readers instead of clarifying subjects.

Above all, make sure that everyone on your team (from marketing to sales and beyond) knows the meaning, purpose, and stories behind the content they’re creating and disseminating, as well as the people they’re helping.

Your content won’t have the support it needs to flourish without that deeper knowledge.

3. Healthcare is dominated by emotional elements.

Even beyond the strong emotions associated with patient care, emotions are entwined with healthcare topics. ROI in healthcare and healthcare marketing, for example, isn’t a straightforward math problem. 

Money must be balanced against considerations about life and death. Organizations will take into account both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of ROI: certain healthcare advances and patient successes are just impossible to quantify. Emotional processing will play a role in the decision-making of different healthcare personas to various degrees.

Regardless of the time and effort required to accomplish it properly, content marketing is the most effective way to reach your healthcare customers. 

The market is primed for outstanding content: 90% of healthcare information buyers say they have difficulty finding high-quality, reliable sources to help them make their choices. 

Content marketing for healthcare may become the driving force behind effective healthcare marketing if it’s backed up by a solid content marketing strategy that considers industry issues.

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7 Content Marketing Tips for Healthcare Providers

Follow these healthcare content marketing strategies to create an engaging online experience for prospective and existing customers or patients:

1. Concentrate on your speciality.

To seem like a trustworthy healthcare expert, you must, well, be an expert in the subject matter you’re writing about and sharing on the internet. 

If you had a broken arm, you wouldn’t see a podiatrist. 

When looking for information on the internet, people share the same mindset. They expect to read perspectives from individuals who have personal knowledge and experience. 

So, whether you’re producing articles, blogging, or posting videos and posts on social media, make sure they’re relevant to your healthcare specialization.

2. Understand whom you’re aiming for.

Staying in your lane when it comes to the audience you’re targeting is essential, much like the first advice. 

If you make medical equipment for dental clinics, for example, you’re unlikely to interact with patients. You’re more likely to talk with dental experts and their employees. 

Examine whom you’re trying to reach with your content and make sure the topics you cover and the tone you use are appropriate for that audience. Also, avoid jargon and speak in plain English that your audience would comprehend.

3. Tell real-life stories.

Reading stories of individuals who have overcome challenges and overcome odds is one of the most inspirational things you can do. 

Sharing the experiences of your customers or patients is a wonderful approach to motivate and inspire your target audience, as well as demonstrate how your organization went above and beyond to offer excellent care to real people. 

Patient Stories at New York-PresbyterianYork Presbyterian Hospital is an excellent example of a healthcare institution highlighting its patients’ accomplishments. 

Just make sure you obtain formal permission from the individuals whose experiences you’re sharing and fact-check everything to make sure what you post is true.

4. Establish a gated content inbound funnel.

While blog posts, guest articles, videos, and social media postings are all great methods to reach your audience with useful information, it may be difficult to identify who is reading those kinds of content and persuade them to work with you. 

The content funnel comes into play in this situation. Create gated material for your site, such as a whitepaper, and need visitors to submit personal information to access it. 

Mercy’s “Baby-on-the-Way Guide” is an excellent example of gated content, in which helpful material is exchanged for users’ contact information. 

You may start steering your audience to this gated content once it’s live on your site by referring to the landing page from other content you produce.

5. Make interaction a part of your daily routine.

At the heart of engagement is interactivity. While publishing articles, blog posts, and videos is a wonderful way to keep your audience informed and engaged, interactive media may take things to the next level. 

United Healthcare employs this healthcare marketing strategy by producing quizzes to urge audience members to live better lifestyles and become more engaged with United Healthcare’s services.

6. Be a decent person.

Human interactions online are a wonderful method for healthcare organizations to engage with customers and patients. 

When individuals feel linked to the physicians and nurses on staff, they are more than twice as likely to remain loyal to that hospital. 

Post on social media regularly. Doctors’ videos should be shared. In the comments area, engage with your audience. 

However, make sure you have a policy in place that spells out what you anticipate in terms of answers. For example, whoever is monitoring comments should inform individuals that in the event of a medical emergency, they should call 911. 

Have rules in place that include how to handle complaints with compassion, how to appropriately escalate problems to administration or other team members, and how to ensure that all material is HIPAA compliant.

7. Make sure you comply with HIPAA.

While engaging with your audience is essential, protecting people’s personal information is even more critical. 

If you’re going to include customers or patients’ stories, make sure you obtain their permission first. Remove all identifiers when generating other kinds of content (including name, address, record numbers, photos, physical and mental health details, and payment details).

Also, avoid giving medical advice or participating in conversations about diagnosis or treatment on social media to remain compliant with HIPAA standards, and make sure the subject matter you’re posting doesn’t breach the law’s limitations. 

General health advice, wellness recommendations, how-to guides, patient stories (with express permission), and the newest accomplishments in healthcare are all topics that lend themselves nicely to HIPAA compliance.

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Content for the healthcare industry that succeeds

For healthcare lead generation, the majority of healthcare clinics have traditionally depended on healthcare content marketing. 

To interact with their audience, top clinics and doctors utilize webinars, blogs, and social media. Here are a few instances of healthcare marketing that stand out:

1. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is located in Rochester, Minnesota, with one of the most remarkable instances of healthcare marketing. 

Its blog is one of the most comprehensive online platforms for healthcare thought leadership. With comprehensive information on subjects such as therapy, medical research, and diagnosis, this trustworthy healthcare resource educates and raises awareness.

The content of this library stands out since it is written by hospital employees. All of the contributions discuss how they dealt with problems during practice. 

The Mayo Sharing Blog disseminates information to individuals all around the world, from patients to researchers.

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2. Dr Howard Luks

Dr Howard Luks of New York is one of several healthcare practitioners that uses video marketing. This orthopaedic physician has over 5500 followers on his YouTube channel.

“Why Does My Shoulder Snap and Pop?” is his most popular video, with over 85,000 views. In little under three minutes, he explains why shoulders pop or snap in this video.

Dr Luks’ website has regular blog posts as well as video solutions to frequently asked topics. 

He also has a Facebook page and a podcast where he posts updates on current medical problems regularly. The articles are brief and casual, yet they are very informative and targeted towards a problem-solving audience.

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3. Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic is a top-ranked healthcare facility in the United States. It also has one of the largest online newspapers, including a blog and social media channels. 

The Cleveland Clinic publishes approximately five items each day on its blog, Health Essentials. This content is shared with over seven million social media followers.

In addition, the clinic offers a popular podcast series that covers subjects including healthy eating, cancer, and body fitness. 

All podcasts are produced by qualified healthcare experts that provide excellent knowledge on the subjects at hand to their audience.

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4. ZocDoc

ZocDoc is a website that connects individuals with experts and enables them to schedule appointments online. 

It also offers a lot of useful information for both patients and physicians.

The Script is a collection of stories for and about patients, whereas The Paper Gown is a collection of stories for and about physicians. 

ZocDoc also has a podcast series as well as movies with high-quality content.

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5. Arkansas Children’s Hospital

One of the finest instances of social media marketing is the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. 

The clinic conducts frequent video ads across its social media platforms in addition to regular blog entries on its website. 

Participating in the #100DeadliestDays campaign, which raises awareness of a dangerous time linked with adolescent mortality between Memorial Day and Labor Day, has been one of them.

On its social media channels, the hospital offers advice, stories, and information via video content. These articles are beneficial to parents of children with a variety of illnesses as well as those seeking to safeguard their children.

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Healthcare is no exception to the consumer-centric, digital-first society we live in. Tap into the power of content marketing to engage with your target audience and build a reputation as a genuine, trustworthy, and informed healthcare organization.

Begin your medical content marketing campaign now.

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