Best Social Media For Healthcare Practice (how To Choose)

social media for healthcare practice

A huge part of successfully using social media in your digital marketing strategy is identifying the personalities of your company and your audience – then choosing the optimal place for them to get together. The ‘flavor’ of your social platform is the foundation on which your content, ads, and even posting schedule should be built.


When starting and deciding to take our healthcare practice or business online, you will be faced with a lot of questions and decisions to make. And one of the questions is the question we frequently get about “the best social media for healthcare practice business”.

Every healthcare practice or business, no matter how small need a social media presence. This is because social media helps you build a community around your practice or business, expanding your reach,  creating your brand story, and impacting how you’re perceived. 

But this can only be achieved and be effective if you choose the right social media platform for your healthcare business marketing.

So now the question is: how do you choose the best social media healthcare practice and business marketing?

By the end of this post, you will understand why, when, how and which social media platform best for your healthcare business and give the right answer to the above question.

Let’s dive in…

7 Things to consider

Social media at its core is all about communication.

It doesn’t need to be complicated at all and you don’t have to change everything you have ever done to make it work. You just only need to find a way to make social media work for you!

In the second part of this blog, I am going to provide you with key features, demographics and best practices for some of the top platforms.

It’s that simple? Ok, now let us see seven things you need to consider before deciding which social media you should go for with your healthcare practice and business:

1: Are you done with your digital powerhouse?

Think about it; every healthcare practice or business might not have a physical office (there are freelance healthcare professionals), but every healthcare practice or business should have a website. Your healthcare website should be the backbone of your digital footprint and communications. 

Create a healthcare website for your business, make it awesome, add great content, and direct your social media handles to your healthcare website. So people will be able to visit your digital office from your social media pages.

2: What Is The Nature Of Your Business?

Is your healthcare business catering for business-to-business(B2B) or business-to-consumer(B2C)? Every social media network is unique trying to solve or focused on a particular goal or idea. So considering this question determines the nature of your business and social media platform to go with.

3: Have You Researched Your Competitors?

Check each of your competitor’s social media pages and see what they are doing, the content they are posting, how often they are doing it, and how many people are engaging with their content. 

This will help you conclude and choose the social media platform that is yielding the greatest results. However, you should correlate whichever result you find out with your set goals. 

4: Go Where Your Ideal Customer Is 

Remember this is less about your healthcare business and more about where your ideal customer spends their time. So that you will be consistent and add value to them, thereby making the biggest impact! 

5: Are You Focusing On Your Core Target Audience?

Instead of running after the newest social media networks, you should spend time understanding your audience and how you can relate with them so that your advertising budget will work hard for you. Whichever platform, you is to achieve the best return

6: Match The Platform With Your Audience

Don’t. I repeat don’t push content to every available social media platform. Yes, you can have as many social pages as you want, but just because your healthcare business could have an Instagram page doesn’t necessarily mean it should. 

Create an account where your content will have the biggest impact, focus on one platform and build it first before moving to the next social media platform.

7: Build A Consistent Strategy Across All Platforms 

Start creating a consistent social media content strategy that is maintainable, and then be pushing that content to your choosing social media platforms using scheduling tools available to make it easy to schedule one or more posts per week.

Which Social Media To Choose?

From things to consider above, by now I believe you have set your goal, decided on your audience and target. 

Now we’re going to determine which platform you should choose by looking at the demographics of the users and how active they are on each platform.  Let’s dive in…

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A household name you can’t deny never heard its name for the first time. Years after its inception, Facebook still reigns as the most popular and largest social media platform. 

We go to Facebook several times a day, often without even thinking about it, to keep up with family and friends, or snoop on people we know. Now, as of 2021,

More than ever, it’s vital you refine your healthcare business’s online presence. As the most-used social media platform in the world, Facebook might be near the top of your list.

Social Media For Healthcare Practice-


You can take that picture, edit the picture, and publish the picture, then you sit back and watch your followers interacting with your visual content through likes, comments, and shares. Well, that’s what makes it so fun.

  • Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide.
  • An average of 28 minutes per day are spent on Instagram.
  • 75% of 18–24-year-olds use Instagram
  • The US has the most users at 116 million, followed by India at 73 million and Brazil at 72 million.
  • About 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile per day (Hootsuite)
  • Facebook’s Shops functionality for small businesses, can also be hosted on Instagram

According to a survey released by Facebook, it revealed that people perceive companies who use Instagram as popular, creative, entertaining, relevant, and committed to building a community. 

Those people use Instagram to discover, research, and make buying decisions about products and services.

With your audience in mind, you can take beautiful photographs related to your healthcare business and make it entertaining, Instagram is a fantastic place to showcase what you got, your values, and elevate your brand with striking images and videos.

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With more than 100 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute! And 2 billion users worldwide, YouTube has become one of the biggest search engine platforms and a place to house your video content and share it with the world.

Many of these searches are for “How To” videos,  but mind you, what you get might be fun, and highly educational… or it might be chaotic of low quality and poor videos.

  • YouTube has over 2 billion active users
  • People watch over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube on daily basis.
  • Processing over 3 billion searches per month, youtube becomes the world’s second most popular search engine after Google.
  • One of every two Internet users around the entire world uses YouTube
  • An average of almost 12 minutes is spent everyday on youtube by the users.
  • 60% of users would make a purchase based on advice from a YouTube creator over a TV or movie personality
  • 88% of video marketers say they plan to use YouTube.

People always turn to YouTube to get information and also entertain themselves, therefore you will find success creating how-to videos, advice, tips, topic awareness content, customer success stories, case studies, or expert interviews as you seem fit.

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As the number one social media platform for professionals and typically the choice platform for B2B businesses, Linkedin can help you establish your healthcare brand as a trusted leader in the field, build authority, and engage leads through conversations.

LinkedIn isn’t a place for cat videos and gossip. The goal of every content you share on LinkedIn should be to raise your healthcare business profile, connect with other businesses, and nurture recruitment. 

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Though it is not as popular as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Pinterest certainly has the potential to connect with your target audience.

Since videos, infographics, and GIFs perform well on Pinterest, 

it becomes a great place for healthcare businesses’ to share engaging content around products, data, and values. 

With Pinterest Lens, you can take a photo of whatever you see and then search Pinterest for similar content. 

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Twitter is like a game of “Is This Possible!” and also complex, given its short life span and challenging character limit. Therefore Before you can plan an effective healthcare marketing strategy for any social platform, you need to understand who’s using it, and how.

Since Twitter is great for news, You can get a lot of information quickly from world leaders, media, and organizations. Also, most companies nowadays use Twitter for quick customer services.

Just like telling the bartender to surprise you with a mystery shot, you might do REALLY well using Twitter for your healthcare business.

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Snapchat is an image and video messaging app developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown in 2011. This app allows you to share multimedia messages that will “self-destruct” in up to 10 seconds.

Snapchat mirrors how people interact with each other. The interactions are temporary, and not stored anywhere. This enables users to share photos and videos that last a short time before they disappear forever- leaving no history. 

With the potential to reach out to younger audiences, Snapchat is a great platform if your target market consists of millennials and Gen Z’ers. 

Snapchat was carefully curated and It’s definitely for the playful, cheeky brands, and significantly more popular with B2C companies.

No, I am not saying it won’t work for B2B – If this sounds like your target audience, and you want your brand to feel fresh and relevant, go forth and launch the missile.

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It’s new, exciting, and way cooler than anything else on the market. And unlike other social media platforms, this one is ALL about entertainment.

TikTok isn’t the place for every business, but great for those targeting younger audiences, being innovators on a new video platform, and primarily sharing entertaining content, Small business owners with a youthful brand and entrepreneurial individuals will be successful on TikTok.


Reddit is a massive forum with a heavy focus on its communities, but the way it works is pretty different from other social network platforms. Though that makes the platform unique if you are thinking of marketing on Reddit.

It’s the niche of all niches, therefore, you need to have a plan that starts with knowing if you belong on Reddit.

Reddit is more of a social forum than a social media platform. It’s a place for useful and relevant information. There are subreddits communities on everything You can ever think of (from health, news, politics, and games to SEO, science, and, of course, and of course stupidity hahaha)

We strongly believe this guide will help you in picking the best social media platform for your business. Just remember that it’s all about your personality. If you can understand the tastes of your audience, it’s totally possible to be successful on an unexpected social media platform.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us

A Web Developer and Digital Marketer from Nigerian who is in love with learning, teaching and helping startups and small business owners build confidence.

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