10 Profitable ways to promote your local business

ways to promote your local business

Local businesses have long suffered from not being able to market effectively. I place most of the blame on local business owners being less concerned about marketing their local business or even learning how to promote their local business because they think there is no need for it.

What is Local Business Marketing?:

Local marketing is a strategy that targets potential customers within a specific geographic radius – typically 50 miles or less – of the physical location of a business. It’s also known as location-based marketing, neighbourhood marketing, or local store marketing.

Local businesses may get 100% of their customers from within a few miles. You may have heard the phrase “main street business”. This refers to the fact that small businesses depend literally on foot traffic. 

So even though a local business can find successful marketing online, it takes strict geographical focus. Otherwise, you could end up wasting time and money to attract website visitors from across the country who have zero chance of ever visiting your shop or buying anything.

Every business needs exposure and that can only be achieved depending on who you are marketing to, where you are located, how much you are willing to spend, how much help you can get in terms of marketing. 

The more you understand how to promote your local business and positioning the better you can decide upon a strategic marketing approach you need to employ.

In this post, I will show us different 10 profitable ways to promote your local business and be successful in it. And by the end of this post, you will be equipped with the knowledge to take your local business to the next level of success.

Note:  This post is not in any chronological order, with that being said, these strategies can be used together.

When it comes to marketing a local business, you need the below things:

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1. I guess you are good at content: 

You have to be able to create valuable content for your social website visitors and social media followers. Yes creating valuable content is easy, you only have to understand what you’re best at and capitalize on it.

Photos- If your business involves creating photographable moments or products then producing content in the form of photos should be the way to go.

Blogs- If you are good at writing and consider yourself to be knowledgeable in your field, then go ahead, start writing blogs related to your business. Give helpful tips to your potential customers and explain things about the industry.

Videos- Show your customers your personalities and be entertaining and valuable. This can be done by showing the behind scene of your activity.

2. Your Web presence is amazing, right?

Your business doesn’t just require a functioning website, you need a standard and sophisticated website that performs several roles. 

Your web presence in this era of digital marketing is more important and can also be more complicated than ever. Just think of it this way: “Your website is a customer application rather than just for information.

Make sure you get your web presence in others, this is very important both in design, content, and structure– embedding the most relevant keywords, SEO tags, and visual elements. 

Note that 92.6 per cent (4.32 billion) of 59.5% of active internet users worldwide accessed the internet via mobile devices, therefore ensuring your website is fully responsive to all desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices is very important.

3. I hope you are not hidden from the search engine?

Making your website friendly to your location is paramount, this can be done by optimizing SEO and geotargeting. You can let google recommend you to those prospects who may need your help through Google my Business.

People are always looking for businesses that can help solve their problems for them every single day.

On your search bar, search form for “Business in your niche + city name”. Ex. Dentist + your city name, or whatever business you’re in.

Now as you can see there are only 3 recommendations Google shows. So, all you need to do is to appear on one of the top 3 recommendations, and I guarantee you that every single day the phone WILL BE ringing.

Write relevant keyword and authoritative content that is specific to your local area and related to your local business. This will generate organic traffic and get your website on the first page of a Google search.

Note that SEO takes time to start generating traffic, but once it starts, the gain and profit from it is amazing.

4. Have you tried banner ads?:

Having a banner ad is also an effective way to promote your local business. Here you create a huge banner that displays some of your best products or services and then have it placed at positions where there is high traffic or high footfall.

Make sure that you select a good location for your banner because location matters the most in this kind of promotion.

Depending on your monthly fixed budget this can be a profit-making machine for your local business marketing coupled with digital marketing.

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5. Is your business on social media?:

Yes! So many local businesses are not on social media and don’t plan to use it sooner. You have to take advantage of this and capitalize on it, It’s effective!.

You have to get and be active on your Instagram and Facebook pages to promote your local business online, it is very simple. Being active means posting high-quality content on your local business handles, and on your blog. 

It also includes engaging with your target market or audience, if someone comments on your pictures you have to respond, If someone tags your business in a post repost it. 

Social media is such an easy way to make a personal connection with people in your target market, so don’t miss the opportunity.

6. Local influencers might be of help:

For every $1 spent with local influencers, businesses earn $6.50!

Local influencers are just normal social media users in your area on your target market that will post on their social media accounts about your business. 

This concept is very simple, people listen to friends not ads. For example, if John says that his Pizza is the best or also you see someone you follow on Instagram saying that John’s Pizza is the best, which of them are you going to trust more? Sure I assume is the person you are following on Instagram.

All you have to do is determine your target market and what you want them to post and reach out to them and tell them what to do for you or reach out to desk proof for your effective influencer marketing for your local business promotion.

7. What do you know about Collaboration?

Collaborating with other local businesses in your area is a great way to leverage different audiences in the same area. These collaborations can be as simple as your local business and other local business sponsoring a local little league team. 

Another way you could try to collaborate would be through social media giveaways. Your local business can team up with a local ice cream shop to give away $50 gift cards. 

With both of you (your local business and ice cream shop) promoting it on social media, your local business will not only be promoted to your followers but also to the ice cream shop’s followers. This is also another great way to build meaningful relationships with customers. Give it a try!

8. Online advertising can be a saviour:

Everyone has access to the internet. Well almost everyone. You can use google, bing, yahoo, or social media advertising to display your local business ads to people searching online for relevant products and services, or people browsing through their social media news feed. You pay each time a potential customer views or clicks on the ad you created.

Honestly, digital advertising could be all you need to promote your local business and attract local customers. You can choose plenty of parameters that can target your potential customers pretty well. Most importantly, you can target your customers on location, which makes it perfect for your local business.

Please note that the first step in developing and building a social media marketing strategy for your small business is choosing which social media you should focus on. You should focus on social media platforms where you can find your target audience so that you can engage them as often as possible.

9. What if I tell you testimonials are important?

If you’ve worked with clients or served customers in the geographic area you’re looking to target, a testimonial or review from them could go a long way.

This will show potential clients how diverse and versatile your local business can be, and just how you may be able to help meet their unique needs, too.

75% of customers said they relied heavily on online reviews as a source for evaluating the quality of local businesses.

When you combine the influential power of customer testimonials with the convenience and function of online marketing and purchased ad, a comprehensive message about how great your business truly is can be shared among your local, regional, national, and even international audiences.

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10. Hey! Don’t ever forget Follow up:

Hey! If you think the potential customer/client isn’t meeting with your competitors, you are dead wrong.

Now, can I ask a question?

Assuming you went on a date with a pretty woman and had a great time, I guess you would assume she knows you want to see her again? 

The same situation applies when dealing with a potential customer. After a customer shows an interest in your business, they may not be sure how you feel. Following up shows you are interested in selling to or working with them and are ready to take the next step.

These are 10 easy ways to promote your local business both online and offline. You can certainly try all the 10 ways or you can pick and choose which of them that works best for you. The bottom line is you have to try to build relationships with local people in your target market. It is easier than ever to talk to your customers and get to know them, so take advantage of it!

For all your business or service website design and development, and social media marketing, kindly contact us and we will be glad to hear from you.

A Web Developer and Digital Marketer from Nigerian who is in love with learning, teaching and helping startups and small business owners build confidence.

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